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Scientology No Longer Welcome on Wikipedia



    Scientology No Longer Welcome on Wikipedia
    Policing edits to articles specifically about the Church of Scientology was too big a job for the Wiki chiefs, so they enacted the ban.

    The world's free encyclopedia is saying no to Scientology.

    In a move to crack down on self-serving edits, Wikipedia is banning contributions from the Church of Scientology. An exclusive report on The Register details how no IP addresses owned or operated by the so-called church or its associates will be allowed to post or edit info on the site because they seem to be pushing their own agenda.

    While blocking individual contributors is not unusual for the San Francisco-based site, this decision marks the first time an entire organization with such a high profile has been banned. It's part Wikipedia's effort to protect their reputation as a reliable source for information.

    Wikipedia police tried to keep their eyes on edits from Scientology machines but because individual IP addresses changed so frequenty, the site resorted to the all-out ban.