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    Barack Obama and John McCain differ sharply on the economy, but as member of the opposite party than the sitting president Obama has the inherent advantage.

    Why are people suddenly ignoring Sarah Palin? It's the economy, stupid! The early buzz today: The financial collapse has forced the Palin bubble to burst. The question now becomes which candidate will benefit more from the economic crisis of late:

    • The candidates have very different antidotes for the economy but Obama has the advantage, according to Politico. The campaign has now shifted to Democratic turf and if Obama blames the financial crisis on the old guard and McCain in particular, he could come out on top.
    • Sick of talking about lipstick and pigs and everything in between? So is Andrew Romano. But now that Palin's 15 minutes are up and with Obama poised to showcase economic prowess beauty products may be less of a factor in the election, he writes on Newsweek's Stumper blog. Take-away: "[The] massive financial shakeup finally gives as a more important topic to prattle on about: the economy."
    • Obama has at least one advantage: the sitting president isn't a member of his party. That said, he has the chance to go on the offensive against McCain about all things economic, writes Massimo Calabresi in Time. Take-away: "Barack Obama should have had a decided advantage on the trail Monday."
    • The economic crisis is not as much of a boon to Democrats as they would like to think, writes John Dickerson on Slate. Take-away: "For Obama to take advantage of this moment, he has to convince voters he's going to change their lives."
    • Candidates have to face Wall Street woes head-on -- whether it's McCain doing his best Teddy Roosevelt impression or Obama doing his best, uh, Obama impression, writes Gerald F. Seib in a WSJ analysis. Take-away: "[T]he problems on Wall Street can't be ignored on the campaign trail."