Favre Headed to Either Bucs or Jets: Agent

MSNBC GREEN BAY, Wis. - Brett Favre’s agent, James “Bus” Cook, confirmed in an e-mail to The Associated Press today that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets were emerging as the most likely trade destinations for the three-time MVP quarterback. Cook told the Jackson (Miss.) Clarion-Ledger that the trade might happen in a matter of hours.“Brett’s ready to go play,” Cook told the paper. Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden refused to address speculation that the team was on the verge of a deal for Favre. The Buccaneers have yet to confirm publicly that they are interested in Favre, although Gruden conceded that Favre’s situation is “unprecedented” and acknowledged that he’s always willing to explore ways to improve his team. “We are a good football team,” Gruden said. “We’re trying to become a great one. We’ll do anything we can to get better. And if that involves looking at other players, by George that’s our job. That’s our responsibility.” The Jets had no comment on the Favre situation, a team spokesman said Wednesday. Meanwhile, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he was happy the rest of his players were getting a chance to move on. Players vented frustration over the Favre situation Tuesday, after fans chanting “Bring Back Brett!” turned practice into a zoo-like atmosphere and reporters continued asking questions about Favre instead of football. “It’s time for it to be over,” cornerback Charles Woodson said Tuesday. “It’s gone on long enough.” As the league’s longest-running daytime drama continued to twist and turn, Woodson and other veteran Packers players weren’t publicly assessing blame or taking sides. They just didn’t want to talk or think about it any more. “For them to keep us in the dark and just have us answering a bunch of questions that we can’t possibly have a good answer for, I don’t think it’s fair to us,” Woodson said. “I think there needs to be something said, yea or nay for Brett Favre.”

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