Convention Notebook

The latest buzz on politics' Big Show

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Michael Gerson's advice to Sen. Barack Obama in the WaPo today? Don't blow it.

Gerson says Obama has an opportunity to make a historic speech and shouldn't squander the opportunity: "Obama has been given a unique historical moment. He will fill it with significant or eventually be filled with regret."

Ron Fournier said last night was perfect for the Dems. Hillary managed to convince most of her supporters to throw their weight behind Obama. Now, it's up to him.

The Denver Post wonders whether Hillary is capable of delivering a speech that could unite Democrats? Yes, she can. And yes, she did. Hil did her part to help party unity but may have to do more to stop the bleeding.

The Boston Globe editorializes that there were plenty of negative attacks on Republicans -- but no one was listening. Iowa's Rep. Jim Leach made caustic remarks about Republicans but they went largely unnoticed as pundits talked over a number of convention speakers.

Dan Gerstein in The WSJ said this convention is shaping up to be more of a Dear Abby conference than a political gathering. He has some talking points for Obama's speech and advises that he takes the gloves off.

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