Convention Notebook

The buzz on politics' Big Show


Worry not political junkies who can't make it to either convention: they're a total snooze-fest! So writes Michael Kinsley in the WaPo. Kinsley has zip, zero zilch interest in being one of the thousands of reporters clamoring for a "negligible story." Duh. Obama is getting the nod, people! "There are all sorts of reasons people might not be enjoying themselves here."

The Clintons will make nicey with Obama at the convention but both sides are still fuming, Politico reports. Bill is annoyed that he had to amend his talking points and Barack's camp is irritated that Hil didn't do enough to stop the bleeding amid the flurry of veep snub stories: "[T]hings turned scratchy again in recent days."

The convention is a battle between "Mr. Cool" a.k.a Obama and the "Get-Even Gang" a.k.a. Pelosi, Harry Reid et al:  "Can the Get-Even Gang become the Get-Ahead Gang?". David Ignatius writes in the Denver Post

Conventions -- love 'em or hate 'em -- but they give Obama a chance to showcase his oratorical chops. And he's going to need them, the Times writes in its Sunday  editorial. Obama has to outline where he sees the country going: "Americans need to hear how he plans to halt the economy's frightening downward spiral and help millions who have lost their jobs, homes and hopes while also preparing our children to compete in a globalized world."

The Rocky Mountain News editorializes that isn't it nice protesters and rabble-rousers have yet to show up en masse so that Denverites can enjoy the "panoply of activities" around the convention?  "If Sunday is any indication, the massive anti-war protests that some predicted would engulf downtown Denver this week will be anything but," the papers writes.

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