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City Goes After Workers Who Owe Parking Fines

City workers who owe parking tickets will have wages seized



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    The free ride is over for city workers with outstanding parking tickets.

    The city is cracking down on municipal employees who are also scofflaws and owe some $1.6 million in unpaid parking tickets, according to the New York Post.

    The city's Finance Department plans to garnishee the wages of about 4,600 deadbeats who work for the city but still haven't settled about 12,000 tickets, said the paper.

    "No one likes fines, but people who don't pay the city are hurting the vast majority of New Yorkers who do," Finance Commissioner David Frankel told the Post.

    The agency recovered about $600,000 from ticket delinquents who work for the city after sending out warning memos in December, the paper said.

    The city declined to break down the number of deadbeats by city agency.  However the Post reported that the Fire Department sent out an internal memo last week warning that "multiple" FDNY workers owe tickets.