Your Summer Gig: Coney Sideshow “Blade Box Girl”

Always dreamed of being the lovely magician’s aide who gets sawed in half on stage? Now you can!

As bragging rights go, being able to say you performed in the Coney Island Sideshow, as the lovely (female – sorry, fellas) assistant who gets trapped in a box that then has 17 blades driven through it, is fairly badass. Luckily, you can win a chance to do just that through Time Out New York, who describes the “prize” thusly:

A lucky lady (sorry, gentlemen) will win the chance to perform for a day as the “Blade Box Girl” in the one and only Coney Island Circus Sideshow. The role requires that you display the Blade Box while the “talker” explains it, climb inside the box, and allow the talker to close the box and drop 17 blades into it while narrating the act. After the blades have been dropped, the audience is invited to come up and see how the Blade Box Girl has twisted her body so as to avoid the blades.

TONY notes that the winner will get a chance to rehearse her starring role several times beforehand, and will then be invited back to work a full nine-hour show-day shift (and you thought the Sideshow was a place for slackers!). Naturally, you’ll need to sign a waiver absolving everybody you've ever met of any responsibility (did we mention the 17 blades?) and “wear something ‘skimpy.’ This is seashore showbiz, after all.

Enter to win at Time Out New York.

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