You Need Glittens

Plus Cartolina birthday greetings and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s sexed-up umbrella

Steven Alan

GLOVE HAPPENS: These slivery leather-and-cashmere glittens (glitter + mittens) are back at Steven Alan -- and go beyond being a zippy accessory. A) They belong on the list of fashion tributes to Michael Jackson, and B) what’s more fun to say than “glittens”? $128 at Steven Alan, 229 Elizabeth Street; 212-226-7482.

SLIPPERY WHEN WET: Brace for the rains of autumn with this subtly naughty corset umbrella – complete with a black-on-black lace-up panel -- by Guy de Jean for Jean-Paul Gaultier, available for $185 at Blue Tree, 1283 Madison Avenue; 212-369-2583.

HOOT: Skip all those nudge-wink birthday cards – the kind that make reference to how old you are in some joking way, as if you needed to be reminded on today of all days – and stock up on this greeting from Fiona Richards’ gorgeous Cartolina cards: “Not Older, Wiser” reads the cross-stitch art above a decoupaged owl. We approve. $4.95 at Zoe Papers, 315 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-625-5797.

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