When A Political T-Shirt Just Isn't Enough

With the election so close at hand and everyone getting fired up now that the debates are done, we've been keeping our eyes peeled for serious partisan displays and special products. Although we did manage to spot some statement-making store windows (we're talking about you, Marc), we have actually seen disappointingly little in the manner of political gag gifts and tchotchkes for sale on the street. So we turn to the internet, repository of all products both useless and unsavory.

From the "scary halloween" masks of McCain and Obama to the life-size cutouts of Palin and Biden, there are plenty of random items online to bring a smile to the nervous pundits in your life.

Going to host a poll party on election day? Why not order candidate cookies and cupcakes from MrsBeasleys, who is tracking the popularity of each party on her website (Obama is leading by almost 20% of the baked goods vote). Make sure to greet your guest with a creeptastic "treehugger," a cartoony candidate face with an arm to wrap around the trunk of a tree. They've got Giuliani in stock!

If you're feeling the recession and just can't fathom spending $48 for Obama Nesting Dolls, then a cheap-o shirt is still the way to go. We spotted some kooky political designs in the windows of Yellow Rat Bastard on Broadway in Soho, including the popular "Obama is My Homeboy." Anything but a novelty hat will do; promise us that you won't wear a novelty hat on Election Day, please?
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