What's Shakin', Branch?: Finally, FINALLY, the internet graces us…

Finally, FINALLY, the internet graces us with a full interview of Ginny Branch, the budding headband designer and Marc Jacobs salesgirl whose whimsical blog has landed her in Lucky, Domino, the Observer and the Post. Just who is Ginny Branch? "alice in wonderland. dorothy gail. nonsense and kind. year and a day. trails of glitter. heart on sleeve. black coffee. sweet tooth. mauve. silver hair. big bows. grey. layers. altruism. chocolate tea. gratitude. non-linear. flapper victorian darlings. black tights. books of wonder. hope chests. spools of thread. doo wop. cold weather. high school sweethearts. handiwork. gold. collecting nice girls. muses. teachers. southern. believer. dreamer. lover." Ah, does that answer your question? [The Supermelon; Previously]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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