What You're Doing Tonight, 7/14

Bones and evolution, Harry Potter at midnight, Bjork + orchestra = Bjorkestra, and a panel of sex writers spills at MoSex

OOH, WRITE THERE: What’s it like to reveal your sexual exploits for all the world to read? We have no clue, but the Sex Writers’ Panel at the Museum of Sex tonight would definitely know. Writers/artists Jonathan Ames, Reverend Jen Miller, and Zak Smith will discuss their experiences and war stories from the front lines of sex writing. 7:30PM.

WILD ABOUT…: Hogwarts t-shirt, check. Pee-in-pants anticipation, check. Are you already in line at the Ziegfeld for the midnight opening of ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’? What are you waiting for? 12:01AM.

BAD TO THE BONE: Founder of the Institute for Human Origins and megastar paleoanthropologist (what? they exist) Donald Johanson – the man who discovered the bones of Lucy in Ethiopia, that 3.2-million-year-old early hominid currently on display in Times Square – comes to the Secret Science Club. As you sip a special “I Love Lucy” cocktail (geddit?), he’ll answer all your sweaty little questions about the latest developments in human evolution. Bell House, 8PM.

NOT SO QUIET: If you’ve never experienced Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra, get out your credit card: Tonight, Joe’s Pub hosts this talented collective that runs the music of everyone’s favorite Icelandic art-sprite through a not-quite-traditional big-band filter, with amazing, surprising results. 9:30PM.

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