What You're Doing Tonight, 5/29

A steam bath dance party, all-girl Motley Crue, and midnight with The Breakfast Club

SWEAT EQUITY: What do you get when you mix together a hundred or so half-naked New Yorkers, an iPod's worth of Balkan disco, and a boatload of house-infused vodka? No, it's not that dream you had one time after wating too much pizza -- it's a real live party, one of the best we've heard of in a while: A Steamy Dance Party at the Russian Baths at Kensington's Banya, whose baths have just undergone a sparkling renovation. Split your time between the steam rooms and the dance floor, and don't forget the hookahs.

DR. FEELGOOD: When the Yeah Yeah Yeahs pluck you out of obscurity (well, New Jersey) and ask you to open for them, you don't ask questions. And when rock critic Chuck Klosterman personally requests you, you know you're good. That's exactly how Girls Girls Girls landed in the public eye, and we're awfully glad they did: Where else are you going to experience four hard-rocking chicks paying homage to Motley Crue in a way that erases the phrase "cover band" from your mind? Mercury Lounge, 8PM.

CLUBLAND: When's the last time you spent time with The Princess, The Basket Case and The Criminal? Scratch that: When's the last time you had detention? Catch John Hughes' definitive valentine to teen angst, The Breakfast Club, at the Sunshine's midnight screening. 12AM.

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