We're Loving: Pamela Love's Macabre Necklaces

Pamela Love has been getting a lot of press lately, and some that she wasn't entirely prepared for.

The jewelry designer has been on the it-lists of more than a few fashion insiders of late -- from her pieces appearing on Zac Posen's runway collection to a recent writeup in W, but she never really knew that one of her biggest breaks would come from a TV show about vampires.

We chatted with the designer (whilst smoking cigarettes and splurging on iced coffees) outside of her latest trunk show at Oak, wherein she revealed that she didn't even know how big a deal it would be to have one of her signature necklaces (a massive talon on a chain) worn by one of the main vampires on True Blood.

"I didn't even have HBO!" she laughed, explaining that now her necklace is selling like gangbusters on the HBO store. "Yeah, we got a lot of weird requests after that one," she admitted.

Well, that makes sense considering that the same dark-and-dreamy vibe that permeates the show is reflected in Love's carefully worked pieces -- from little golden bird skulls on long chains to swollen silver hearts and chain-wrapped crystals. Each item feels like a talisman of a sort -- a little bit tough-girl, a little bit thinking woman's statement accessory.

She's one talent we'll be keeping on our radar.

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