Week Ahead in New York Music: June 18 to June 24


Das Racist, Action Bronson, June 19 at Red Hook Park, Free

Two of the finest generators of hip-hop today are making the trek from the mighty Queens to Red Hook for a free show in the park. The two word-drunk (and sometimes regular-drunk) MC's of Das Racist display alarming pop culture acumen and a deep love for hip-hop's history. On the less zeitgeisty end of the spectrum is Bronson, whose food-obsessed rhymes and old-school vibes paint him as a man seemingly out of time. -Drew Millard
Jeff The Brotherhood, Uncle Bad Touch, Skimask, June 18 at Maxwell's.
Nashville's Jeff The Brotherhood are one of the sweatiest and sweetest bands working today, so in love with rock and roll that they somehow making the act of ripping a guitar solo while wearing leather pants both adorable and awesome. Jake and Jamie Orrall will have a new album out fairly soon, so expect some new arm hair raisers if you make it out. -Michael Tedder
Los Campesinos!, June 16 at Brooklyn Bowl, $14
When ironically self-obsessed, quirky indie pop was in vogue, Los Campesinos! seemed to be a gifted band but not necessarily a vital one. However as their contemporaries faded, the Welsh septet seemed to only shine brighter, their albums getting successively better and better with last year's Hello Sadness shining as a minor triumph in the realm of histrionic emo. They're an absolutely adorable band live, foregrounding the glockenspiel, doubling up on the guitar and coming off as a recession-proof Arcade Fire. -DM
Metallica, Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys, Hot Snakes, Titus Andronicus, Best Coast, Black tusk, Baroness, Gaslight Anthem at Bader Field, June 23-24 $150
While this festival carries more than a whiff of "look how cool and with it we are, guys" let's give credit where credit is due. Metallica (or let's be honest here, Lars Ulrich, his management and maybe like Kirk Hammett for a minute) have assembled a dynamite, if odd, lineup here, getting three or four of the best punkish type bands around (Titus, F'ed Up, Gaslight Anthem and A Place to Bury Strangers), a lot of of solid metal up-and-comers (Baroness, Liturgy, Torche, Black Tusk) and Modest Mouse, who will be pulling double duty this weekend by playing Governors Island and proving that everyone kind of loves that band at least a little. Anyway, we hope Best Coast doesn't get too harassed at this thing, and we're not forgetting that Metallica were touring with Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park a few years ago, but there's probably worse reasons to head up to Atlantic City. -MT
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