September Issues Slimmer, Except People's Style Watch

Bucking the trend, People StyleWatch came out on top with a 10 percent increase in ad pages for September, according to the recently released and highly anticipated September issue ad numbers.  While StyleWatch is on the ups, the fashion books geared toward the smaller concentration of higher end consumers experienced declines upwards of 20 percent across the board. (Even Elle, a title that had been surprisingly consistent, ad-wise, will be 21 percent smaller.)
It'll be interesting to see if the posh glossies like Elle, Harper's Bazaar and, with their numbers being released tomorrow, the Conde Nast catalogue of mags from Vogue to W, will be forced to warm up to the ranks of bargain shoppers pumping up those numbers.  In the meantime, getting Reese's look on the cheap or pretty much anything Beyonce wears seem to be reeling in readers and advertisers. 
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