Year in Review: Greatest Hits 2008

Misty watercolor memories:

2008 is nearly over, but before we here at Vulture break for the holidays (we'll be back Monday!), we'd like to take this opportunity to reflect on another banner year for our blog. In these past twelve months, we've celebrated victories, mourned defeats, made some new friends, and caught up with some old ones. America may have picked the wrong Idol and saved Cavemen, and the world may be hurtling toward total economic meltdown — but, hey, at least our traffic's up! After the jump, we count down some of your favorite Vulture posts and ours. Thanks for the great year, everybody!

Your 10 favorite (i.e., most-trafficked) 2008 Vulture posts:

1. Vulture's Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu Reeves

2. 28 Reasons That Twilight the Movie Is Better Than Twilight the Book

3. Have the American Idol Producers Turned Against David Archuleta?

4. Due to Hilarious Printing Error, Latest Batman Comic Includes F-Words, C-Words

5. Tina Fey, ‘W.,’ and the Ten Funniest Political Impressions of All Time

6. Mad Men:The Don Draper Likability Index

7. Ten Liberal Movies So Lame They Make Even Democrats Want to Vote Republican

8. Nick and Norah and the Best One Crazy Night Movies of All Time

9. Cloverfield Monster Revealed!

10. Screech Writes Saved by the Bell Tell-all

Our 10 favorite 2008 Vulture posts:

1. The ‘Cavemen’ Crusade Continues: We Send Hair to ABC!

2. Vulture Is Officially in Mourning

3. What to Expect From the Upcoming Vampire Weekend Backlash

4. Vulture Exclusive! Brett Ratner’s Script for ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Revealed!

5. Who's Snooty Enough to Replace Philippe de Montebello?

6. Why Was Vulture's Cover-Story Idea Rejected?

7. The Aaron Sorkin Facebook Movie: A Facebook History

8. Ask Vulture: Should You Watch the Grammy Awards?

9. Know Your Jonas Brothers Overlords

10. Cool Coots and Sexy Sexagenarians: Vulture’s Favorite Daffy Old People

11. Can ‘Australia’ Finally Convince Moviegoers That Hugh Jackman Isn’t Gay?

12. Six Great Underdog Movies John McCain Should Probably Watch

13. Which of This Fall’s Oscar-Baiting Holocaust Movies Is Right for You?

14. ‘American Idol’: The ‘Phantom’ Menace

15. Lou Reed Wants to Talk About His New Radio Show, Does Not Want to Talk About Money

16. Vulture Handicaps CBS’ ‘Greatest American Dog’

17. How Dirty Is That Auden Poem That Was Too Dirty for the ‘Times Book Review’?

18. Early Review of M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Happening’ Suggests Scariest Film Villain of All Time

19. When Should You Take Your Bathroom Breaks During ‘Che’?

20. ‘The Wire’ Finale’s Montage: A Shot-by-Shot Commentary

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