Tour Ruschmeyer's, Montauk's Latest

This weekend, Robert McKinley and the folks behind the immensely popular Surf Lodge in Montauk will open Ruschmeyer's, a lakeside resort with what McKinley describes as a "nautical camping" vibe. There will be 19 individual cabins for lodging, a beer garden complete with strung lights and picnic tables, a restaurant run by the owners of Manhattan's Fat Radish, and a bar that pays homage to the Electric Eel Disco, a previous tenent of the space in the 1970s.

The Feast stopped by Ruschmeyer's last week, still heavily under construction, to walk the space with McKinley, the resort's designer and co-owner. The resort kicks off the summer when the restaurant on Friday, with cabins available for rent beginning Monday, May 30. Watch the clip above to hear McKinley explain his vision for Ruschmeyer's campground-chic, "mid-century" aesthetic, and get a behind-the-scenes look at Montauk's latest hotspot-in-the-making. [The Feast Hamptons]

Ruschmeyer's, 161 Second House Road, Montauk; 631-668-2977

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