Tomorrow: Discounted Designer Bridal Gowns at Housing Works

Expect tons of battling brides to fight their way to the front of Housing Work's annual "Bride on a Buck" event, where shoppers will be able to snap up incredible designer gowns (as well as veils and other bridal goodies) for incredible discounts.

The gorgeous Monique Lhullier dress pictured here was originally priced at $6,200, but at the event it will be on sale for just $1,200 (which may sound like a lot, but that's 80 percent off, people!). There'll be gowns from other designers like Giovanni Ravello, Peter Langner, Ulla Maier, and Jenny Yoo at similarly fantastical prices, as well as vendors from Adorn Brides, the Cake Diva, Dramatics NYC, and more. Best of all, the sales of the dresses -- like everything sold at Housing Works -- goes to combat the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness in New York City.

Speaking as those who have attended nearly a dozen weddings combined this past season, and have listened to many a soon-to-be bride wail about the price of a fantasy wedding dress, this event could change a bride's life. Especially in this economy.

Bride on a Buck
Housing Works: 157 East 23rd Street. Wednesday, 10AM

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