Today in Food Trucks: Meatballs on Wheels

With the arrival of a new member of NYC’s Eat Fleet, Ikea Café’s meatball monopoly rolls to an end

Tacos, pupusas, crepes, dumplings, cupcakes, and sliders. As truck-peddled food goes, New York City covers almost every kind of regional cuisine. (We’re no Portland, but what can you do). But, a new truck is gearing up to fill an unserved market, the rather murky “Northern European” niche. Not even the Midtown Lunch screed on the sketchy economics of food trucks can stop it.

What does this mean for you, the hungry eater? Belgian frites, fish and chips, bangers and mash (the sausage-pep’ of “Northern Europe”) and Swedish meatballs. Be still our hearts! Until now, we’ve had to satisfy our cravings for these delicate morsels down at the Red Hook Ikea, whilst loading up on FINVICKRS and PAX add-ons. But no more! The truck’s opening is TBD; for now, Grub Street reports they’re hiring staffers on Craigslist.

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