We're Loving: All for the Mountain

After years designing custom wallpaper for now-famous Cavern Home, Carly Margolis left the business and her Brooklyn abode for a cabin in the Catskills, intent on crafting her first collection of jewelry.  There, in a teensy pine-shrouded studio, Margolis launched All for the Mountain, a line of tribal medallions and mythology-inspired adornments so covetable, we hope she'll make the career move permanent.

The most remarkable thing about All for the Mountain jewelry is its puzzling timelessness-- we don't mean "classic," exactly, but more in a Vonnegut, "Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time" sense: Every necklace, bracelet, ring or brooch looks like it fell from a low-flying UFO, or just as likely, was unearthed on some Egyptian archaeological dig. 

Of course, these are artifacts not from space or history but from Margolis' glorious imagination--and we couldn't be more thankful for her Catskills-liberated creativity . 

Pick up one of her signature stacked pyramid necklaces or "meteorite" rings at Maryam Nassir Zadeh on the Lower East Side, 123 Norfolk Street, or order online at AllfortheMountain.com.

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