Today: Halston and Halston Heritage Sample Sale

This two-day sale brings together the best of the effortlessly sexy label's main collection, as well as its lower-price offshoot.

Essentially, if you have any interest in dressing like Sarah Jessica Parker, this is probably a good place to start: The "Sex and the City" star recently took a major design role at the label, and even sports a ton of Halston Heritage in "Sex and the City 2." At the sample sale, Halston dresses are expected to run $300-$400, while on the Heritage side, dresses will be more like $60-$90 (seriously reasonable, considering they're pretty simple and flattering). Madison Avenue Spy actually has a few great pictures of the wares, for those curious in sampling the selection before heading down to Soho.

Overall, expect a lot of breezy, '70s-inspired sexy dresses -- perfect for end-of-summer dressing.

Halston & Halston Heritage Sample Sale
Tuesday - Wednesday, 9AM-8PM at 96 Spring Street (2nd floor).

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