Tom Ford Makes Time's 100 Most Influential List

Designer Tom Ford represents the fashion industry in this year's Time 100, coming off a prolific run that included launching his first eponymous womenswear line, receiving an Oscar nomination for directing his first film, A Single Man, and most recently, being named as a possible successor to head up Dior.

But perhaps what separates Ford from the legions of dedicated talent in the industry, as highlighted in his entry, penned by Rita Wilson, is his distinct style—according to Wilson, he wore three-piece suits every day while working on his first film—as well as his old-fashion manners and wicked impersonations.

"Tom Ford, 48, the closet comedian, who can keenly copy an expression, person or walk. He Skypes from his bed, on the opposite end of the planet, to check in with me in mine. But this sexy guy is kind and deeply loyal. Friendships are his other art. No flip-flopping. No fly by night. Tom has manners that are rare these days. Handwritten notes are common for the man who wore a three-piece suit every day while directing his visionary first film, A Single Man."

The complete list is featured online today, and includes other style influencers like Michelle Obama, Blake Lively, and Prince William and Kate Middleton. The issue hits newsstands tomorrow.

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