Street Style: Morgan on Berry and 8th

Catherine Blair Pfander

Fashion student Morgan Matthews was rushing to class at Parsons when we stopped for a snap of her fabulous shearling coat. The temperature turned truly chilly in NYC this past week, and suddenly the sidewalks are filled with fabulous outerwear options.

We loved the way Matthews put a groovy, bohemian spin on her trendy shearling coat, pairing it with flared lace trousers and a feathery headpiece.

Occupation: "Fashion student."

Today I'm Wearing: "Vintage shearling coat, black lace bellbottoms, feathered head band."

My Signature Style in Middle-School: "Grateful Dead T-shirts."

If I Could Sit Front Row at Any Fashion Show, it Would Be: "My own!"

The Best Thing I Bought in the Past Year: "Good clothes, lots of rings."

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