Six Tips for Naturally Winter-Proofing Your Beauty Routine

Twinkling white snow may be pretty enough to look at, but its effect on your skin is anything but. Between the cold temperatures, dry air and indoor heating, adjusting your beauty regime is a must if you want to beat the winter skin woes.

Thankfully, natural beauty expert Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty  knows just what to do to winter-proof your skincare regime—as well as your makeup bag. Here, she spills six can't-miss tips for getting through the chilly season looking like your usual glowy self.

1. Switch to Heavier Products. "Indoor heat, wind and cold temperatures are really hard on our skin. Look for really rich projects like body butter, face balms and oils to really hydrate and heal your winter scales."

2. Go on a Skin Diet. "Be sure to get a good dose of healthy oils through your diet—eat another avocado, and drizzle some more olive oil on your salad."

3. Winter Glow. "Bronzer is a great way to extend our summer tan and help brighten up any winter complexion. Be sure to choose a neutral brown color and avoid one that is too sparkly. Apply across the face, dusting your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin."

4. Winter Washes. "Keeping skin hydrated in the winter starts with how you are washing your skin. Avoid products that have a lot of lather. Instead, look for gentle cleansing milks and cleansers that moisturize. Too much harsh soap will dry out your skin further and disrupt the natural balance of the healthy skin oils that keep us flake-free. Our Calendula Cleansing Grains are a great way to wash your face without stripping or drying out the skin."

5. Layer it Up. "Layering products is a great trick during the winter season. To hydrate the driest of skins, I recommend massaging a face oil into the skin and following up with a bit of a face balm, something with beeswax in it to help protect the skin and seal in moisture.  Whether you try a balm or a salve, they're all super healing, hydrating, and great makeup bag essentials. Use them on your face, hands and even on hair fly-aways. Some of my favorites include Flowers Face Balm by H. Gillerman, Skin Stick by Earth tu Face and Hardworkin' Hand Salve by Good Fight for hands."

6. Add Some Butter. "After showering, while the skin is still wet, rub in a body butter and let it absorb completely while your skin dries. Try Earth tu Face Body butter—it smells divine, like cardamom and coconut, and you only need to use a little bit to moisturize your body."

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