Update: Rihanna's Meet-Up with Sir Philip Green was “Purely Social”

Rihanna dined with Sir Philip Green, along with Simon Cowell and others, at a restaurant in Barbados last weekend, touching off a firestorm of rumors that the Topshop mogul might be looking to tap the pop star for a fashion collaboration.

A new report, however, claims there's nothing to the rumors. Sources apparently told WWD that the visit in Barbaros was "purely social," and that there are no fashion collaboration plans in the works.

The Daily Mail snapped photos of Green and Rihanna at Sandy Lane, and the singer tweeted, "Just had dinner w/ Simon Cowell Philip Green,and Lucian G., and Ashley (thanks) @ Sandy Lane! Great night!"

It should be noted that Green is a social fellow and is friends with Simon Cowell, who was apparently regularly spends the holidays in Barbados, which might be explanation enough for the two to be spotted together. However, Green's latest star collaboration with Kate Moss is now officially over, and he's doubtless on the hunt for a new, stylish lead to add hype to the department store's offerings. Considering Rihanna's style clout after an impressive 2010, it wasn't far from the mark to imagine conversation between the two might have, at some point, turned to talking fashion.

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