Report: Snooki Looks to End Licensing Deal, Citing Lack of Profits

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, the pint-size star of "The Jersey Shore," inked a deal with SRG Ventures back in January to embark on a licensing plan to put her name on everything from slippers to housewares. Now, it seems, Snooki doesn't think the deal delivered on her expectations, and she's filed a complain to end the deal.

According to the New York Post, Snooki filed a complaint in Ulster County, NY, but now SRG has filed a motion to move the case to New York City, where it appears to be plotting a counter-suit.

Snooki's team alleges that SRG failed to deliver on its end of the contract, namely "royalty guarantees of at least $250,000 and a license from a major retailer for another $250,000."

In a motion that the Post reports was filed yesterday, SRG is vigorously contesting Snooki's claims:

SRG claims Polizzi was too busy with other obligations to manage the deal properly, and that she said she owned trademarks she did not. It also says she turned down a deal with a fragrance firm introduced to her by SRG and then, “She and her management team went behind SRG’s back and consummated the deal” with the company.

No matter which side prevails, it would seem overall that the cast of "The Jersey Shore"'s fifteen minutes are starting to run out. To wit, Snooki has a pretty tacky line of slippers, sunglasses, and a new fragrance that she sold on HSN. She also has a book out that apparently didn't do all that well, even after some pretty impressive PR maneuvering. All things considered, it's not entirely likely that the star will fare much better in 2012 with a different licensing partner, though the courts will have to decide whether it was a fault in business dealing or brand management that ultimately failed to bring in a larger cash cow for Ms. Polizzi.

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