Purse Purge: The Shiny Squirrel Founder Stashes Roll-On Perfume, Subway Reads

Jessica Goldfond

From coordinating pop-up shops to hosting splashy store openings, Jessica Goldfond, PR maven and founder of Brooklyn-based agency, The Shiny Squirrel, is literally always on the go.

Yet, somehow, whenever we spot her at an event or just on the sidewalk, Goldfond always appears cool, calm, and collected -- a fact partially due, she says, to her fabulous Billykirk doctor bag, which "carries everything short of the kitchen sink."

1. Pulphead Essays, John Jeremiah Sullivan: "I am never without a good book for the subway."

2. MCMC Roll-On Perfume in 'Hunter': "I love a quick and easy roll-on perfume, especially 'Hunter' from MCMC Fragrances."

3. Commes des Garcons Wallet: "Somehow, keeps everything organized."

4. Spare Jewelry Add-Ons: "Since I work mainly with jewelry and accessories designers, I have been known to wear a lot of rings, which are always in a stage of being pulled on and off my fingers."

5. Falcon Wright Pouch: "This hand-printed pouch keeps my Metrocard and all my business cards close at hand."

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