Purse Purge: Jennifer Blumin’s Bike-Friendly Gear

Jennifer Blumin

Ever wonder who masterminds those glitzy, over-the-top fashion parties hosted by the likes of Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Burberry? Meet Jennifer Blumin, President of Skylight Group and one of the city's premiere party and event planners. In addition to a roster of fashion mega-stars, Blumin has collaborated with everyone from Bill Clinton to owners of the Empire State Building on their re-branding efforts. A devoted cyclist, Blumin has to keep her corporate-chic stash stored in a bike-friendly satchel, the contents of which, we discovered, are equal parts business necessities and serious tech gear.

Pig Flashlight: "I'm often in dark, hidden spaces. I need to find my way around. It oinks! Also have a Blackberry flashlight app."
Tape Measure: "We need to get our clients random distances for seeing if new ideas can work."
Space Selectors: "You never know when someone's going to want to see the venues, so we designed these as an easy-to-carry accessory like a paint chip selector."
Three ChapSticks:
"Need to be reached immediately, so I have many.  So addicted."
iPad: "Great for showing photos of events. A necessity to imagine a raw space come alive."
Lipstick: "My mom told me I was only 90 percent dressed and needed to wear lipstick. So I do sometimes. Just this one color."
Foley + Corrina Handbag: "It's necessary that any bag I own has a shoulder strap to be bikeable."
Physique Socks: "I never know when I'm going to hit a class."
Sunscreen: "For biking around, or having meetings on our rooftop at Skylight West can get a burn.
Apple: "Picked up at Physique; always a healthy snack to have."
Notepad: "I still need to write the old-fashioned way when brainstorming."
Three Sets of Keys: "Home, venues."
Sunglasses: "Big to prevent particles in the eye while biking."
Glasses: "Eyesight not as good as it used to be."

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