Purse Purge: Alyson Fox Carries Treats, Neon Repair Tape

Alyson Fox is a modern jack -- or, more accurately, "jill" -- of all trades. An accomplished photographer, illustrator, and sculptor, she also runs her own eponymous jewelry and clothing label. This week, she even published her first book, "A Shade of Red," featuring portraits of one-hundred women wearing the same ruby hue. Unsurprisingly, the contents of Fox's handbag are as diverse as her interests: neon repair tape, dark chocolate and a "Youth Lagoon" CD.

1. Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag and Small Zip Bag: "I have several of these but these 2 live in whatever purse I am carrying. I use the shopping bag every time I am out."

2. Vintage Coach Leather Wallet: "I got it from a thrift store. It fits everything perfectly. I love it."

3. RMS Cream Eye Shadow in Solar: "I put it on my eyes and cheeks for a quick lift. 100 percent natural and super creamy."

4. W3ll People, Nudist Lip Shine in #1: "I wear very little make up and I love this stuff because it's super natural and feels good. Perfect color."

5. Badger Sunscreen: "I have beyond sensitive skin. This stuff does the trick without making me red. I keep sunscreen in my bag just in case."

6. iPhone: "Filled with pictures of our puppy!" 

7. Goody Hair Bun Clips: "I always tend to throw my hair in a bun if I have my hair down. Clips in my purse is a must and these are my favorite. I got them years ago and I wonder if you can still find them."

8. Neon Tape: "You never know what you will need to repair or post. I love tape. I have several colors."

9. Alyson Fox Necklace:  "I'm taking it to a friend for a gift."

10. Vintage Casio Watch: "It always end up in my bag after I put it on for some reason."

11. Field Notes: "I have several of these to jot things down in. One in my purse and one by the computer. They are the perfect size."

12  Chloe Sunglasses from Last Call: "A gift from my best friend for my birthday two years ago. They are the prefect color. I can't believe I have not lost them!"

13. Chocolove Dark Chocolate: "Chocolate is not always in my purse but it should be more than not. I had some after lunch."

14. Youth Lagoon CD: "I have been listening to him a lot lately. Really fun stuff to drive and work to."

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