Preview Karl Lagerfeld's Lower-Price Line, Karl, Due in January

In a nod to the emphasis that Karl Lagerfeld is putting on Web and e-commerce with the launch of his new, more affordable line "Karl," the designer gave a special sneak preview not at a fashion event, but at LeWeb, a massive tech conference in Europe.

The event was covered mostly by tech journalists from CNN and The Wall Street Journal, who were mostly stunned by the designer's love of Apple products -- he apparently owns 20-30 iPads and four separate iPhones, whose numbers CNN reports he gives out to various "categories of people." He also, apparently, doesn't use e-mail.

But the main event, of course, was the designer's unveiling of a special sneak peek of his new line, Karl, which will debut exclusively online at on January 25, 2012.

According to CNN, Lagerfeld told the audience: "We will make fashion and technology history," adding that the launch will feature "augmented reality" as well as social media initiatives.

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