Only Naomi Campbell Could Wear Alaia to The Hague

Despite initially refusing to testify in the trial of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor, Naomi Campbell made it to court (albeit reluctantly) in The Hague, and admitted that she had, in fact, received what she described as "dirty stones" from a two strange men in the middle of the night.

For fashion folk, however, the main event of the day was Campbell's spectacular white Alaia knit dress and matching cardigan. Only a supermodel could face the cameras -- and the court -- wearing crisp white couture, and manage to so utterly pull it off. 

During her testimony, Campbell said that she was not aware that they were a gift from Taylor, and was not even really aware that they were diamonds: In one of the trial's more spectacular quotes, Campbell said, "I’m used to seeing diamonds shiny and in a box, that’s the kind of diamonds I’m used to seeing.” (We're sure Campbell has seen her fair share.)

In earlier incidents -- including one fiery outburst with an ABC cameraman -- Campbell has claimed she never received diamonds. She even told ABC News, "I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not to speak about that, thank you very much." While it's fair to say that, even at the trial, she was not admitting she received diamonds, per se, it is interesting to hear the supermodel finally start discussing what happened that night.

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