One to Watch: Feel the Piece Offers Up Thoughtful Wardrobe Essentials

Terre Jacobs' creative impulses took root during childhood, when her mother, an artist by trade, included her in elaborate sewing projects.

"[My mother] often gave me creative input," explains Jacobs. "I was always changing something--using hair ribbons to tie my underwear up on the sides to make it a bikini, making my or jean skirts or adding lace or eyelet ... I learned to sew from my mom and, oddly enough, was eventually offered a home economics scholarship."

As an adult, Terre's love of sewing lead to the launch of her cozy basics collection, Feel the Piece, which -- though it focuses largely on t-shirts and tank tops -- is anything but bare bones.

"I found there was a need for clothing that was both sophisticated, stylish and easy to wear," says Jacobs. "Comfortable but never sacrificing style. Women deserve that -- with quality and value."

Thoughtful details like the brand's signature "thumb holes," as well as practically placed pockets and mega-flattering, fits-all factor in making Jacobs' basics some of the best in the business.

"I try and give a women flexibility with our pieces," says Jacobs. "Meaning she can wear it a few ways depending on her mood ... maybe off the shoulder, or with a deeper neckline on one side so she can flip it the top around. Maybe wearing it as a V-back with a higher front, or vice versa."

If her super-considered designs hadn't already convinced you, Jacobs is unusually reverent of her customers. "Women are very busy, complicated, beautiful creatures," says Jacobs.

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