One to Watch: Delfina Delettrez

DCPS Athletic Director Stephaine Evans
Opening Ceremony

Good taste must run in the family. 21-year-old Delfina Delettrez, a fourth-generation Fendi, was taught the tricks of the luxury trade from her mother, Silvia, and her father, French jeweler Bernard Delettrez, before striking out on her own. Since founding an eponymous label last year, the young designer has been making waves with slightly spooky baubles and surreal adornments.

Using a logo that Karl Lagerfeld designed for her father over three decades ago, Delfina has the connections and the talent to develop her brand into an important presence in the luxury market. Though she typically uses fine gems in her work, it's the quirky lower-priced items that initially caught our eye. Her cheeky "lipstick smear" necklace, for example, consists of a crisp shirt collar adorned with a tiny crimson lipstick mark, just the thing to add a touch of Delettrez' unusual aesthetic to a simple tee and jeans.

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