Marc by Marc Jacobs: Military, Prep School, and Duck Hunting

The Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2010 collection was a symphony of youthful, military-inspired pieces, impeccably tailored tartans, loafer-like flats and wearable basics for a prep school uniform. 

Cohesively, there was an aura of mischief among the collection, of a set of youngsters trapped in the library of a dusty, country estate.  While the older generation has gone out for a duck hunt, perhaps, the kids left behind are raising hell.  With teenage angst anthems like "Fight for your Right to Party" overhead, robust, loosely styled models paraded easily down the runway in flats and ankle socks sporting strapless tartan dresses with exposed zippers (with a tassel!), as well as several smart little military jackets softened by their gamine crop, blousy wool culottes, striped blanket pull-ons in retro rainbow colors, a statement pantsuit in slouchy heather wool and a blue-striped union suit just for kicks. Boys busted out great casual suits and the requisite for this kind of cool -- suede elbow patches on grandfather cardigans and the like. 

Karlie led the parade of slightly dressier duds, in an ornate-print girlish cocktail dress, with a gold sparkle sheath, velvet sashes and rich brocade following in her wake.

Under the same easygoing, practical vein, bags stuck to the shoulder, with mini vintage-like camera bags and chain-strap messenger bags abounding.  Hues played it perfectly for fall, with cranberry and caramel anchoring the accessories.

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