Lizzie Fortunato's Fall 2011 Mood Board

We’ve been fixated on where designers’ ideas come from, so we felt fortunate to get a glimpse of Lizzie Fortunato’s mood board during a visit to the jewelry designer’s studio.

Lizzie pointed out swatches like printed suedes and pony-hairs (with little leopard spots!), and maps of constellations, which she said will likely translate into dotted bangles. All very earthy and ‘70s, she said, though there will be metals and enamels too. 

Lizzie said this collection got a creative push, compliments of Suno designer Erin Beatty, with whom she collaborates separately to create Suno’s accessories.

“Make stuff that you would never normally make,” Erin apparently told Lizzie, pushing her to create the eccentric and refined jewelry that would accompany Suno’s smashing Fall 2011 collection.

Lizzie said Erin’s direction pushed her to work harder than ever before on Suno’s jewelry, and then on her own – a collection that she told us makes her prouder than any before. Now that's what we call inspiration.

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