Liz Taylor Jewelry Auction Breaks Records at $115.9 Million

Last night's Christie's auction of the most legendary jewels from Liz Taylor's private collection was officially the most expensive ever held, earning a total of $115.9 million.

The night's biggest seller was the famous necklace known as "La Peregrina," featuring a dazzling drop pendant that includes a massive teardrop-shaped pearl, which fetched a whopping $11.8 million.

For an excellent blow-by-blow of the auction, we'd recommend reading back through fashion writer Jim Shi's tweets from the night, which also feature a pretty spectacular photo of the night's most expensive pieces.

Of the 80 lots listed in the auction, 24 had sold for more than a million dollars by the end of the night, including the much-hyped 33.19-carat "Elizabeth Taylor Diamond" by Harry Winston ($8,818,500), a Bulgari emerald-and-diamond necklace (pictured above, $6,130,500), and a Mike Todd diamond tiara ($4,226,500).

There are still quite a few auctions remaining as part of the Liz Taylor private estate sale, to be held at Christie's later this week. Considering this auspicious start, it's likely future auctions will also break records. Get a close-up look at all the goods in this gallery.

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