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Wexler & Co

The NYC-based luggage brand, Wexler & Co, is guided by a simple motto: "the best is good enough." Crafted from hand-tanned Horween leather and individually assembled by master a master artisan in New England, every inch of a Wexler bag--from the oak grain finish to the single-ply handles--is meticulously considered.

Founders Bryan Frank, Daniele Trussardi and Kyle Jacques combed flea markets and luggage archives before developing a lean-and-mean collection of seven luxe staples: a drool-worthy duffle bag in oak grain leather, top-handle briefcase (with backpack straps!), dopp kit, and assorted "small goods," like a passport case and utility pouch.

The palette is kept classic but warm, executed in tan, ochre, and deep burgundy leathers, with the occasional burst of color in the crimson waxed-canvas lining. The bags may not come cheap -- $1500 for the Type II duffle bag -- but Wexler products "are designed with the lifetime test in mind," reads the mission satetement. "Your Wexler bag should outlast you -- and your kids should fight over it one day."

Pick up a Wexler bag at the J. Crew Liquor Store at 235 West Broadway, or order online at

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