Know Right Now: Iggy & Lou Lou

Iggy & Lou Lou designer, Australian Irene Girshin-Selzer, created a olleciton of limited-edition porcelain charms that will satisfy your appetite for whimsy. (Not everything needs to be so serious, you know.) Intentionally crafted to look like love-worn family heirlooms, each trinket is engineered to be an instant keepsake.

The tone of the collection marries Girshin-Selzer's irreverent sense of humor and Victorian-era gothic imagery. Think dark cameos decorated with skulls smoking cigarettes.  Each pendant and charm is hand-painted by Selzer and partner, Peter Selzer, before being fired the kiln up to four times to ensure a vintage patina that would convince even your grandmother that these pieces are o-l-d.

Alas, the dynamic duo produce only one annual collection, so pieces are extremely limited.  This year's edition, "Love Bandits," features blue birds, masks, faces, cameras, pistols, and skulls with heart-shaped cut outs and dangly silver charms. You can find them (if you act fast) at Honey in the Rough (161 Rivington St.) or New York Adorned (47 Second Ave.).  Shop the collection online at

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