Johnny Weir Shows Off Chanel, Louis Vuitton-Filled Closet in New Video

In a genius move, Bluefly went inside Johnny Weir's closet, where the skating star showed off his cornucopia of Balenciaga bags and fur accessories.

In addition to claiming to be "a huge, huge fan of Chanel" and a "big, big fan of fur" (even after reportedly getting hate mail and worse over his fur outfits during the Olympics), Weir also insisted he'd probably wear a metallic Gareth Pugh coat to the grocery store.

There are almost too many amazing quotes in the video to recount -- highlights include "I would buy anything as long as it had an 'LV' on it; I would buy bread," and "I want to be the next Kate Moss" -- but the best visual moment is probably when Weir stands in front of his "Balenciaga tree" (an umbrella tree piled high with hanging Balenciaga bags in all the colors of the rainbow), and proclaims, "I change my bag every day." So would we, Johnny. So would we.

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