Jodi Arnold Closes in Brooklyn, Fueling Speculation on Brand's Future

When designer Jodi Arnold opened a new outpost on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn -- within walking distance of the worthy neighbors like Barneys Co-op and Steven Alan -- the move seemed to indicate that the brand was expanding in new and interesting directions. Six months later, however, WWD reports that the store has shuttered, and that the designer was reportedly the victim of the "tightening credit picture" during the recession.

The Feast NY got in touch with Arnold's corporate office, who insist that "everything is fine," and that the Manhattan store is not in danger of closing, as the report had suggested. (The University Street store was initially intended to be a temporary location, then the lease was extended.) A representative also pointed out that the Brooklyn store was always intended to be a pop-up, and not a permanent outpost -- a fact that was not part of the outreach surrounding the store's initial opening. [The Feast NY]

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