Jane Pratt Launches XOJane.com


This morning, Jane Pratt -- who announced a collaboration with teen blogger wunderkind Tavi Gevinson earlier this year -- launched her latest venture, XOJane.com.

Described in the "About" section as "a place to indulge in what makes you feel good," XOJane seems to inherit the legacy of Pratt's much-mourned Jane magazine more than Sassy, her successful tween creation (and the inspiration behind Pratt and Tavi's project).

With distinctly adult content geared towards a 30+ crowd, features encompass everything from fashion and celebrity topics to marital advice and technology reviews.

In an interview, Pratt told Fashionista that XOJane represents "a combination of different media that I’ve done. I liken this experience more to the live talk radio and live TV. It’s a living, breathing thing. In the time that it took [to broker a deal with Say and launch the site], it gave me more time to learn this medium and formulate what I really wanted to do.”

The Tavi project, it seems, it still on the back-burner for the time being. Pratt explained to Fashionista that the duo had discussed incorporating something as "a channel" within the site, but Pratt said, "I feel like with teen stuff ... I feel like they do still want their own place. That it’s not a place for their teachers, or their moms."

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