High Fives: Newly-Crowned Miss Universe’s Red Dress


Forget the swim suit competition: Most of the gowns at last night's Miss Universe pageant would have given any red carpet event a run for its money, but Miss Mexico's scarlet stunner was far and away the highlight.

When Jimena Navarrete (then Miss Mexico, now newly-crowned Miss Universe) stepped across the stage and the dramatic red skirt on her perfectly-fitted dress floated up dramatically behind her, we all held our breath. Sure, pairing the dress with red shoes may have been a little matchy-matchy, but in that instant, she won us over. All in all, the pageant dressing may have been, well, a bit pageant-y, but as Lady Gaga and Oscar night prove year over year, a good splashy dress is still immensely satiating, even for a media-saturated culture like this one.

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