Where Do You Keep Your Wallet When You’re Standing Outside In Your Underwear?

Jimmy Rollins Manager
Twitter / @Dodgers

Last week we saw hundreds of near-naked eager shoppers storm Desigual's Soho outpost for the brand's free clothes giveaway. To recap: the first 100 shoppers lined up outside the store in their underwear were allowed to pick out free head-to-toe outfits, while the second 100 persons in the queue would receive 50-percent off vouchers for whatever they purchased that day (don't ask us where they kept their wallets).

Perhaps after noting how easy it is to get New Yorkers to unleash their inner exhibitionists, the Barcelona-based brand opted to strike while the iron's still hot by hosting its second event today, this time at its Herald Square location. While the turnout was equally sizable, Racked reports that participants were line as early as last night which is truthfully, a little nuts—more nuts than your usual case of public exhibitionism—considering the wet and dreary weather we've experienced.

Furthermore, for this go-round the first 100 shoppers in line are only entitled to two free clothing items, rather than a full outfit which, if it didn't before, definitely raises the question now: under what circumstances would you be willing to wait outside in your underwear for free clothes? We'd do it for Lanvin. But that's about it.

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