Designer Playlist: The Baggu Babes Groove to Dolly Parton and Desmond Dekker

[THREAD] Designer Playlist: The Baggu Babes Groove to Dolly Parton and Desmond Dekker

Based on Emily Sugihara and Ellen Van Der Laan's summer playlist, the Baggu store at 242 Wythe Street in Brooklyn is the place to be this summer. If the top-notch handbags hadn't already lured you to the Williamsbrug boutique, we're betting classic Dolly Parton jams and Beach Boys tunes will.

Emily's Playlist:
The Beach Boys, "Surf's Up": "My dad had a Beach Boys tape in his old Porsche. We used to listen to this together when he drove me to elementary school."

King Tubby and the Aggrovators, "I Trim the Barber": "Summertime calls for dub."

Drake, "The Motto": "A favorite on my running mix—keeps my pace up."

Aaliyah, "Rock the Boat": "Oh early 2000s hip-hop, how I love you. Aaliyah especially."

Ariel Pink, "Life in L.A.": "My boyfriend puts this song on every time we drive out to Long Beach to surf. My favorite lyric is 'The weather is your boyfriend on a Saturday.'"

Desmond Dekker, "Israelites": "Desmond Dekker makes me want to drink lemonade and sit in the sun."

Sly and the Family Stone, "I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)": "'She don't have to wear a wig, she don't have to be too big.' That's me!"

Ty Segal & White Fence, "Easy Rider": "My boyfriend consumes incredible amounts of music. He just sent me this album. Loving the sunbaked otherworldly pop music."

Ellen's Playlist:
Tina Turner, "Bayou Song": "I love strong female singers, and Tina is No. 1. This song is from her first solo album 'Tina Turns the Country On.' She looks so cool on the cover. I don't know how she does it."

Soreng Santi, "Iron Man": "Spooky cover of Iron Man by this Thai psych rocker. This song would be a great soundtrack for a '70s surf flick. Google Image search this guy—his photo is rad!"

Kamuran Akkor, "Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz": "My boyfriend got me into this music blog called Ghost Capital, and this is on a compilation the guy who runs the blog put out. Turkish psych from the '70s. This girl's vocals are so cool. I would like to be lying on the beach listening to this."

Dolly Parton, "Traveling Man"
: "Gotta love Dolly, and the way she says 'I'm really gonna miss that travelin' man.'"

Canned Heat, "Going Up the Country": "This is my all time favorite driving song. It makes me want to drive upstate and swim in a stream. Not very original but I could listen to it all summer."

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