Designer Playlist: Alyson Fox Jams to M83, Bruce Springsteen

We knew we loved Alyson Fox's cool geometric baubles, but the talented designer is no one-trick pony. An accomplished illustrator, photographer and sculptor (in addition to running her own eponymous clothing collection), Fox can now add music aficionado to her impressive resume after turning in this killer summer playlist.

1. M83, "Midnight City" - "Great album."
2. Bruch Springsteen, "The Wrestler" - "I'm a big fan, but this tune seems to always come to mind when I want to listen to him."
3. Beach House, "Myth"- "Love this album."
4. Kimbra,"Settle Down"- "She's wicked fun. A happy beat to listen to."
5. The Walkmen, " We Can't Be Beat" - "This new album of theirs is great."
6. Ryan Adams, "My Winding Wheel" and "Come Pick Me Up" - "I can't pick one. This makes me think of my husband. We met 11 years ago in grad school and Ryan Adams' album, "Heart Breaker," was the beginning. Great summer tunes."
7. Wilco, "Jesus, etc." - "Always a great tune to put on any mixed CD."
8. Bon Iver, "Skinny Love" -  "When this album came out it immediately became my favorite, with this song being hard to beat still to this day. I had the privilege of seeing him perfom this album in a small venue in Marfa, Tex. It was the best show I have ever seen."
9. Jessie Ware, "Wildest Moments" - My husband just put this on a mixed CD for me and I am really into it."
10. Haim, "Forever" - "A new band of three sisters that I discoverd on a friend's blog. This song is super catchy. Listen!"

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