Danu Hassik's “Sassy” Work Ensemble

Spots and stripes and clogs may not seem like an easy combination, but Miss Danu Hassik pulled it off with panache when we spotted her in front of a grocery store en route to pick up bacon 'n' egg sandwiches this afternoon.

"I suppose I'd call my style ... What do you guys think?" she asked her friends in a heavy New Zealand accent.

"Sassy and eclectic," is the friends' reply, shouted in unison from across the sidewalk.

Based on Danu's outfit, we have to agree with the girls that "sassy" is a fair description of this stylish Kiwi. After all, not everyone thinks to pair their silk leopard-print top (an "old H&M buy") with a black-and-white knit skirt and big leather clogs. But Danu, clearly an expert pattern-mixer, pulls off the look with a messy top-knot and glistening grin.

A shiny patent clutch added just a dash of polish to the otherwise off-kilter ensemble. After meeting Miss Hassik, we're rather tempted to introduce classic striped summer pieces to all the animal prints lurking in our closet from last fall.

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