Last Night: Christina Hendricks' Ports 1961 Quick Cameo at Bloomingdale's

To say the least, we were jazzed to catch an in-person glimpse of style icon Christina Hendricks at Bloomindale's Ports 1961 presentation last night.

The fourth-floor event, sponsored by Instyle magazine, featured a stage Fall 2010 presentation of Ports' ever-polished dresses followed by a cocktailed shopping reception.

Hendricks -- stunning in a sleeveless, tailored black sheath and extremely gracious with a security-controlled stream of autograph-seeking fans -- didn't actually play host, take the stage, or entertain  interviews as the invite had promised. The official quote from her team: "She won't be speaking to anyone. It just cannot happen." (Unofficially, we can't help but wonder if it had something to do with another of Hendricks' fashion endorsements.)

Ports 1961 president Jacqui Wenzel was excited to have her take part, regardless of the turn of events.

"She's been a very big personal customer of ours as well as a professional client," said Wenzel. "Once the word got out, everybody got involved, and it was no longer casual, which was how it began. We were just thrilled that she agreed to come hang out with us tonight."

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