Amuse-Bouche: Fashionable Looks From the Cooks, Ladies Edition

New Yorkers have always enjoyed a certain amount of pride in the city's superlative restaurant scene, but as foodie-fever continues to soar, it's not enough to simply know where to get the best plate of pasta in this town—you have to know the chef behind it, where he or she worked before, and often where they're rumored to be headed next. Sometimes it's a little too heavy, but our eyes recently lit up at Eater's recent trendcasting of chefs' styles.

Earlier this week they rounded-up the notable trends currently being rocked by some of the city's biggest names in the kitchen—when they're not wearing their toques, of course—which left us asking: what about the ladies? Well, second course arrived and we're even more satisfied than the first offering.

Some of the ladies' trends included keeping one's hair back with Rosie the Riveter-inspired retro kerchiefs, breaking out from the stiff kitchen whites in favor of bright patterns, and more conservative dressing (the female chef's equivalent to the young Republican-style button-down oxfords donned by their male counterparts). A special mention was given to restaurateur Donatella Arpaia who, like Marcus Samuelsson, pulls off a variety of different looks, from a siren in red satin to an Italian peasant maiden, perhaps to lend that transporative feel when dining at one of her Mediterranean-fare eateries.

Our write-in vote goes to Julia Child. Though she never was a New York City chef, she'll forever be an iconic figure, for her trademark style, grace, and sense of humor (which you definitely need in fashion).

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