Buy Right Now: Super Future's Lucia Sunglasses

While we wanted most everything on Vena Cava's Fall 2010 runway (those fur collars! The jumpsuits!), we were especially enamored with the sunglasses. Turns out, they're from Super Future's Spring 2010 collection -- and they're already available for pre-order.

The shades carefully toe the line between retro-chic and granny-inspired (read: they're just dorky enough to fall on the side of cool), with a '40s silhouette and a horn-rim look. Rendered in tortoiseshell, they feel sophisticated and glamorous, though we also liked the Vena Cava pairs in mod white and black.  Best of all, at $161, they're far more affordable than the Tom Ford vintage-looking eyewear we've been loving.

Pre-order a pair for yourself from right now, or keep your eyes peeled at spots like Barneys, Oak, and Steven Alan for the shades to pop up this spring.

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