Botkier Sample Sale is Bonkers

The opening day of the Botkier sample sale was jam-packed during the lunch hour, with bag stock still going strong and shoes playing second-fiddle in a small corner.

Botkier was hawking samples, regular styles and gently damaged bags and shoes for prices between $100-$295 for bags (with damaged pieces priced individually as low as $75 a pop) and $95-$175 for shoes. 

Shoes inhabited about eight shelves in the corner in about 20 styles, and what looked to be about 100 pairs in total.  A table of sample shoes had been quickly cleared out and only a few forlorn pairs remained by the third hour.  Bags, on the other hand, abounded in all kinds of colors and styles and they were in hot demand.  Sample sale pros busted through the crowds in the small space with each arm carrying piles and piles of bags.  This little Threader was simply browsing around casually and suffered more than one near take-down. 

In short, get there soon if you want shoes, you'll surely find plenty of bags to consider and when you head over, brace yourself for battle.

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